Lesson 1: Introduction to Raptor

This is an overview of Raptor. It explains how to navigate with the menu system.

Lesson 2: Trend Charts

This explains the trend charts used in Raptor to show information over time.

Lesson 3: Comparison Charts

This explains the comparison charts (scatter charts) used in Raptor to highlight differences in WIC centers.

Lesson 4: Report Search

Raptor contains over 300 different reports. This video demonstrates the search facility that helps you locate the report you need.

Lesson 5: Search Individual

Raptor contains giant piles of information on each WIC participant. If your account allows you to see participant details you are able to search for an individual and display a report showing their appointment history, weight and bloodwork history, nutrition education history, certification history, holds, infant data and information about every individual voucher.

Lesson 6: Hot Spots

This shows the "hot spots" reports which highlight specific problems which may impact your caseload.

Lesson 7: Audit Reports

This video is an introduction to the "audit" reports. Raptor has a lot of reports to help you audit your ISIS records. This includes blood work numbers, mismatched packets and other issues.
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